Country Living Hand Grain Mill

Product Name:Country Living Hand Grain Mill
Brand:Country Living
Features:Solid, cast aircraft aluminum. Double Sealed Industrial Grade Ball Bearings. Adjustable - From Cracked Grain to Cake Flour. Lifetime Warranty.
Overall Rating:4.8
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Country Living Hand Grain Mill Review
There is a certain kind of joy in grinding your own grains at home. It goes beyond buying them in bulk and keeping them fresh for months to come. It opens you to a whole new world of taste and texture.
A year ago, I wasn’t sure about buying a hand grain mill. It felt like a lot of work — from using it to cleaning up. Upon purchasing the Country Living Hand Grain Mill, I never looked back. That’s why I’m quite excited to share with you this nifty kitchen tool. You may just discover the same joy I experience now.
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Grinds All Grains
The Country Living Hand Grain Mill is powered with double high-carbon steel grinding plates. It grinds all grains — hard or soft, large or small — from fine pastry flour to coarse grits. Its double agricultural grade bearings make the entire grinding process easier. However, you’re bound to sweat a little if you’re going to need a lot of flour. Compared to other hand mills in the market, this mill pulverizes two times faster.
Shifts from Manual to Automatic
The Country Living Hand Grain Mill is first and foremost, a manual grinder. You can get a good workout using it on a regular basis. If you do come home feeling tired and want to whip up homemade bread quicker than usual, simply attach this mill to a bicycle or an electric motor and you’ll be on full automatic swing.
Country Living sells a separate package to fully motorize your mill but you can opt for a little DIY if you have a motor lying around somewhere.
No Sweat to Clean
I particularly dislike kitchen tools that are hard to use and hard to clean. When I first used the Country Living Hand Grain Mill, I didn’t think it would take me no time at all to wipe it down.
You can simply spin off the adjustment knob and watch the outer grinding plate slides off. Now, you can brush the flour off the grinding plates and reassemble it again in minutes. No extra tools needed.
Your Next Family Heirloom
If you want something that lasts, the Country Living Hand Grain Mill is among the top of the list. It is made of solid, cast aircraft aluminum and cast iron v-groove flywheel, both of which make this ball-bearing home grinder extremely durable. By the looks of it, you have a pretty good candidate for your next family heirloom.
You may worry about the aluminum getting mixed up with your food. However, the folks from Country Living has gone ahead and equipped this mill with a FDA-approved food grade powder coating.
Features & Specifications

  • The Country Living Hand Grain Mill comes with extra-large precision cast carbon steel burrs
  • Grinds all grains (hard wheat, dehulled oats, oats, rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dent corn, dried sweet corn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, dry beans, lentils, chopped chestnuts and soybeans)
  • Equipped with easy-turning, v-groove flywheel
  • FDA-approved food grade powder coating
  • Limitless adjustment from super fine pastry flour to very coarse grits
  • Heavy-duty, durable, ball bearing construction
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

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Other Customer Reviews & Scores
The Country Living Hand Grain Mill is an extremely durable home grinder that crushes all kinds of grains.
I stumbled upon 34 more people who purchased the same product and weighed in on its wondrous milling capabilities. Out of five starts, the Country Living Hand Grain Mill was awarded 4.7 stars. Some have called it the “best hand mill on the market” and “worth every penny”.
Buy the Country Living Hand Grain Mill
I’ve been baking more often than I used to now. I’m certain I have the Country Living Hand Grain Mill to thank for that. I highly recommend this home grinder because it’s made home cooking much better, fresher and healthier.

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