NutriMill Classic Grain Mill

Product Name:NutriMill Classic Grain Mill
Power:1.75 hp motor, 120 volts
Features:20 Cup capacity that keeps all the good stuff in every batch. Multi-channel air flow for better motor cooling and longer mill life. Lifetime Warranty.
Overall Rating:4.6
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Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill Review
I used to buy processed flour to bake my bread or make pizza for the kids. However, I recently found out that stuff is practically dead — 80-90% of its nutrients all gone and traded with preservatives.
In a feat to redeem myself as a certified health freak, I decided to buy my very own grain grinder— the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill.
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Grinds Up to 20 Cups of Flour in 5 Minutes
The Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill is practically a mill on steroids. It runs a whopping 1,200-watt of motor power and boasts of Microbust grinding mechanism technology. In homemaker’s terms, it pulverizes up to 20 cups of flour in just five minutes. It’s on the bulky and heavy side but it does get the job done faster than other grain mills in the market.
Easy to Grip, Easy to Use
The folks from Nutrimill made sure that even the most novice of bakers will get a knack out of their mill. It’s armed with easy grip bowl, lid and control knobs. The milling chamber is self-cleaning and storage is compact. It even comes with its own chord compartment!
If you enjoy cooking with your kids, the Nutrimill classic grain mill will definitely add more fun in the kitchen.
No Grain Too Large, No Seed Too Hard
This powerful grain mill is equipped with durable stainless steel milling heads. It grinds the hardest and largest of wheat, popcorn, rye, millet, legumes, split peas and so many more. You don’t have to worry about milling too much because its 13-cup hopper capacity comes with an extension. Plus, you have full control over how coarse or fine you want your grains to be. However, it does take a bit of practice to not go from fine to very, very fine in seconds.
Like other home mills, the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill doesn’t fair well with oil seeds. So try not to stuff it with nuts, flax seeds, spices and the like.
Goodbye Overheating, Goodbye Jamming
Many fear home grinders because they think it will overheat and blast their kitchen into oblivion. The great thing about the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill is that it is specifically designed to prevent overheating. It comes with a multi-channel airflow, which keeps the motor cool even after long use.
The parts of the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill are well-placed and integrated. This means you don’t have to worry about seeds jamming in every corner of the machine. Everything flows smoothly from the hopper to the bowl.
Features & Specifications

  • The Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill is the world’s first variable texture control mill for creating fine or course flour
  • Patent Pending TruFeed precision grain flow control.
  • 3x AirFlow for improved motor cooling and longer mill life.
  • Easy adjustment from coarse to fine
  • TwistLock feature to securely lock the lid on the bowl.
  • Easy to remove multi-function modules
  • Easy grip hopper, bowl, lid and knobs
  • 120 VAC, 60 hz
  • 10 inch wide x 13 inches deep x 15 inch high

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Here’s What Others Have to Say
The Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill is a durable, versatile and easy-to-use hand mill perfect for cooking and baking at home.
I found hundreds of others who have purchased this product. Out of 5 stars in Amazon, this mill sits comfortably at 4.7 stars. Some refer to it as a “must have for anyone who grinds their own” while some have commented on the slight flour mess it creates while grinding. An easy solution for this one is to make a few adjustments in the parts. If you’re not at all confident in disassembling it, a vacuum repairman can do this for you in seconds.
Buy the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill here
Self-sustainability is arguably the healthiest way to live. From growing your own vegetables to grinding your own grains, there’s nothing better than fresh food made at home. I highly recommend you get a grain mill at for yourself. The Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill should be among the top of your list.

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