WonderMill Grain Mill

Product Name:WonderMill Grain Mill
Power:1.75 hp motor, 120 volts
Features:High speed, stainless steel mill will not overheat your flour. 12-cup capacity flour receiver doubles as a convenient storage canister. Lifetime Warranty.
Overall Rating:4.8
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WonderMill Grain Mill Review
If there’s one thing everyone should be doing at home, it’s grinding grains. Not only does it assure freshness. It also ensures you get every bit of nutrient from each seed — 90% of which is lost in processed flour.
There are a lot of grain mills available in the market today. One that claims itself to be the “World’s Best Mill” is the WonderMill Grain Mill. Let’s go ahead and see how it measures up with the rest.
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Grinds 100 Pounds of Flour in 60 Minutes
The WonderMill Grain Mill is equipped with an impressive 1,250-watt LG motor This means it can grind about eight cups of flour in less than 60 seconds, 100 pounds of flour in 60 minutes and 1,000 pounds of wheat in 10 hours — nonstop. So if you’re on the lookout for a powerful mill that means business, this one is a strong contender.
Oh and did I mention it’s armed with stainless steel grinding plates? These are much better than stone grinding burrs, which are usually blended with aluminum oxide.
Less Flour Mess
You know how you pop open the lid and flour comes spewing all over the countertop? Well, the WonderMill Grain Mill does the exact opposite. It effectively contains the flour from the beginning to the very end of the grinding process. If you or someone in the household has respiratory issues, this one is the ideal mill to get.
Do be warned that you need to start the grinder before putting in the grains. Stopping it midway could cause jamming, or worse. Safe to say, it’s not the kind of mill you’ll be comfortable leaving your kids with.
Cleaning is Far from a Chore
The WonderMill Grain Mill is made up of two lids, the mill and the flour canister. Sure, it takes up considerable amount of space compared to other mills. However, it does make cleaning a LOT easier.
Apart from preventing flour mess, it doesn’t come with small parts that would be hard to reach with your hand or dishwasher. Plus, it’s got a self-cleaning mill chamber. It’s a very simple open-and-close mechanism that tidies up in no time.
Adjustable Grinding Consistency
Whether you need a coarse or fine consistency, this mill comes ready with three visible adjustments: pastry, bread and coarse. Compared to other mills in the market the WonderMill Grain Mill isn’t the most versatile one out there. It can’t accommodate very coarse grains like bulgur wheat or corn grits. However, it works very well with many non-oily grains.
Like many home mills, this shouldn’t be use in oil seeds like flaxseeds, oatmeal and nuts.
Signed, Sealed & Certified
The WonderMill Grain Mill is the only mill that has passed the tight testing of CE, CSA and UL. Why is this so important? Because you don’t have to worry about your house catching fire or encountering electrical problems from using your home mill too much.
Exceptional Customer Service
The team behind WonderMill ensures they provide only the best service to their valued customers. Apart from giving a lifetime warranty for their grain mill, replacements and requests are accommodated right away. Refunds are also issued quicker than other brands.
Features & Specifications

  • The WonderMill Grain Mill is the world’s cleanest, quietest and quickest mill
  • Equipped with high speed, stainless steel mill that prevents flour overheating
  • Possesses a 12-cup capacity flour receiver that doubles as a convenient storage canister
  • Powered with 120V 1,250-watt LG motor
  • Product Dimension: 20 x 10 x 15 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Comes with lifetime warranty

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Other Reviews & Amazon Score
The WonderMill Grain Mill grinds fast and easy. It doesn’t overheat even after a long time of usage, which makes it ideal for laborious milling.
Apart from my personal review, I decided to find out what others have to say about this mill. In Amazon, it sits well at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Some customers have coined the WonderMill Grain Mill as “fast”, “wonderful” and “excellent”. Other reviewers have mentioned that the product would be better if it had better flexibility in grinding consistency.
See what Others Have to Say
Over all, the WonderMill Grain Mill does wonders for bakers, cooks and homemakers like myself. If you don’t mind a mill that’s a bit bulky in size but is long lasting, then this is one mill worth looking up.

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